The Madness is Back!

Is it already March again? Time is flying by, but at least it brings us into one of the most exciting sports times of the year.

March after March, we at Killerspin get pumped up for our respective college basketball teams. Like the rest of the country, our competitive spirits emerge as we aim to compete in every challenge available to us – whether that be friendly sales-based contests or of course, some intense table tennis matches.

Table Tennis – igniting the competitive flame

Table tennis competitive playWe know you’re like us…you need to satisfy your competitive urges. Friends can quickly become enemies as smiles turn to scowls. Hit that winner down the line and you feel invincible. That same shot goes into the net and you feel hopeless – just like the ups and downs of your favorite team.

If you use table tennis as a competitive outlet, you are not alone by any means. Numerous high-profile athletes and professional locker rooms equip themselves with Killerspin equipment to keep their minds and reflexes sharp and to keep their competitive state of mind up and running.

Start your own ultimate game room

People all around the U.S. are outfitting their game rooms in time for the big tournament with a luxury ping pong table and accompanying equipment – making them an exclusive member of the Killerspin community.

Killerspin has put together complete table tennis packages at a discount so you can get everything you need with a few clicks. Build the ultimate game room and start dominating the opposition immediately. If you are really interested in kicking butt this March, see our training videos for tips and tricks to start your table tennis legacy on the throne.

Printable Table Tennis Tournament Brackets

Who wants to win without documentation of your accomplishments? Nobody…that’s who.

Killerspin has made it possible for you to shove it in your friends’ faces with table tennis tournament brackets. Download your bracket for 8 players, 16 players or 32 players, complete with very important bragging-rights rules.

Thumbnail-Killerspin-Tournament-Bracket_8 Thumbnail-Killerspin-Tournament-Bracket_16 Thumbnail-Killerspin-Tournament-Bracket_32

Crown yourself a champion this year on your own journey to the middle.

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