CATCH FIRE with the new Incendio racket line

Killerspin is throwing some fuel on the table tennis blaze engulfing the nation by introducing the all new Incendio RTG (ready-to-go) paddles. It’s gettin’ hot in herre…and the all new Incendio line is the culprit.

The Incendio 5A and Incendio 7P are some of the most stylish rackets ever produced by Killerspin. These high-performance, professional-grade paddles are guaranteed to enhance to your game. The Incendio rackets come completely assembled by hand, with the high performance rubber professionally glued to the blade.

Why so hot?

Burnt wood of Incendio ping pong paddle

BURNT WOOD TECHNOLOGY – this new style of wood gives the Incendio blade not only an interesting style, but an increase in control while keeping the exceptional power expected from Killerspin blades. This new racket technology is what gave the Incendio its name (Incendio is Spanish for “fire”).


Incendio wooden side tape


WOODEN TRIM – carefully applied all around the edge of the blade and handle, the Killerspin “wooden side tape” gives the Incendio rackets a high-quality finish, eliminating the need to replace pealing or damaged nylon side tape.


Incendio_handleRECOGNIZED KILLERSPIN BRANDING – the 4 red stars symbolize the stars of Chicago – Killerspin’s birthplace and current headquarters. Turn the racket over to find the Roman numerals “MMI XLI” – the birthdate of the Killerspin brand.



The Killerspin Incendio line is comprised of 2 paddles, the Incendio 5A and Incendio 7P. Both are constructed with the highest quality wood known to table tennis. The 5A (with 5 layers of burnt wood) is geared more towards control, while the 7P (with 7 layers of burnt wood) delivers extra power. Both rackets are completed with Killerspin’s premium Nitrx-4Z rubber – a Japanese sponge with high tension – for exceptional power, spin and feel.

Add a flare to your game (see what we did there?) with the all new Killerspin Incendio line. But move quickly, because the Incendio 5A and 7P are available in limited supply.

Source: KillerSpin

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