5 Ways to Inject Table Tennis into Your Summer

The weather is warm, kids are home from school, and barbecues are working double time.  Summer is definitely in the air.  While some abandon their usual favorite sports in favor of running, swimming, and sprinkler running, others have found ways to add a fun summertime spin to their favorite sports.  Table tennis is no exception to this.  Ping pong lovers young and old have found some truly awesome ways to incorporate our favorite sport into their summers.  Looking for fun new ways to inject table tennis into your summer?  Consider one of these fun summer spins on ping pong:

Put a Spin on Summer Parties

Rather than a traditional evening of sitting around the fire pit, consider inviting your guests to play table tennis.  Killerspin is proud to feature both indoor and outdoor tables that can add some serious flair to your game playing. Impress your guests with the seriously sexy Revolution SVR BlackSteel at your summertime soiree or have some outdoor fun at your next barbecue on a MyT10 ClubPro.  Want to go whole hog at your next cookout?  The MyT-Outdoor Package has everything you need for some seriously fun outdoor ping pong splendor.  No matter your table choice, table tennis at your next summer party is a fun ice breaker you’ll never regret.

Put a Spin on Your Block Party

Planning your next block party?  First, congrats on finding neighbors you actually want to spend time with!  You’re already ahead of the curve.  If you’re looking for a fun event to jazz up your block party, may we recommend a ping pong tournament?  A surprisingly great way to work off those cheeseburgers, table tennis can bring out a competitive edge in just about anyone.  Bring the community together with a fun tournament.  You can keep score and determine who plays in championship rounds with our handy downloadable tournament brackets.  Aside from epic bragging rights, consider getting the winner an Alpha Trophy, which can be the prize at all future parties.

Table Tennis Tuesdays: A Great Company Tradition

Summertime is the perfect time to #UnPlugNPlay!  Some companies offer truncated hours during this season.  Others look the other way while employees take an egregiously long lunch.  Capitalize on the laissez-faire attitude this season with company-wide table tennis matches.  Table tennis is a surprisingly great way to improve company’s teamwork (doubles, anyone?), while offering a fun alternative to screen staring.  That’s why Killerspin has developed a special #UnPlugNPlay program for companies looking to add table tennis to their company culture.  Implement Table Tennis Tuesdays at your office and build a comradery among your team like never before!

Fun That Will After Camp is Over

Wondering how to entertain your child once camp is over? Consider investing in a ping pong table, which can bring sportsmanship, togetherness, and outdoor fun to your family in one fail swoop. Invite your friends (young and old!) over for table tennis matches and tournaments and create your own “house rules!” We promise the table, and the memories you get from it, will last much, much longer than your average post-camp summer night. Buyer beware – children have been known to start beating their parents on the table in no time.

Add a Killer Spin to Your Summer Rental Home

So, you own a summer rental home.  Well aren’t you fancy?  If you’re looking for a way to distinguish your summer home from others, consider adding a ping pong table.  We know that may seem like odd advice, but consider this: Who typically rents out a summer home?  Families.  Groups of friends traveling together.  And what do those people need?  They need fun activities and togetherness that only so many rounds of Monopoly and Scrabble can really provide.  Adding a table tennis table can give you an edge when guests are trying to decide between rental properties.  We say go for it!

Source: KillerSpin

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